We offer CO2 cylinder refill services for a variety of industries and uses from paintball to power tools and everything in between. 

All cylinders from 9 oz to 20 lbs with standard or specialty fittings can be refilled.

We use ONLY restaurant grade CO2.

All new 5 lb, 10 lb and 20 lb aluminum cylinders are Transport Canada approved, are fitted with standard valves and come filled.
Servicing the Greater Toronto Area
Call 416-747-7810
All prices are in Canadian dollars.  Subject to applicable taxes.

* Cylinders must be in date otherwise hydrostatic testing will be required before the cylinder can be refilled 
Cylinder Type or Size Cylinder Purchase Refill Only*
Sodamistic $125.00 $8.00
Paintball 9oz NA $5.00
Paintball 20oz N/A $10.00
Sodastream (Old Style) N/A $5.00
Sodastream 60 LT $35.99 $10.00
2.5 lbs N/A $8.00
5 lbs $87.50 $15.99
8 lbs N/A $17.99
10 lbs $110.00 $19.99
15 lbs N/A $26.99
20 lbs $150.00 $31.99
Hydrostatic Testing $25.00 N/A
Prices Subject to Change With No Notice
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