We Refill:

Sodamistic Cylinders
All Competitors Cylinders
(refilled or on exchange - no swapping out of valves needed)

As Well As:

Paintball gun cylinders
Beer Dispensing cylinders
Aquarium cylinders
Field Line Marking cylinders
Power Tool Cylinders
Race Car Parachute cylinders

All Other Types Of Cylinders For Any Use You Need!

Bring in any cylinder and if its fillable we can do it!
We offer CO2 cylinder refill services for a variety of industries and uses from paintball to power tools and everything in between. 

All cylinders from 9 oz to 20 lbs with standard or specialty fittings can be refilled.

We use ONLY restaurant grade CO2.
Servicing the Greater Toronto Area
Call 416-747-7810
All prices are in Canadian dollars.  Subject to applicable taxes.

*Purchased Cylinders Come Filled.  Aluminum and steel cylinders availability may vary.  Cylinders may be new or refurbished - availabity varies.
Cylinder Type or Size Cylinder Purchase* Refill Only
Sodamistic $125.00 $7.00
Mr.Butler's NA $5.00
Paintball 9oz NA $5.00
Paintball 20oz N/A $10.00
Drink Master N/A $5.00
Sodastream (Old Style) N/A $5.00
Sodastream 60 LT $35.99 $10.00
2.5 lbs N/A $8.00
5 lbs $87.50 $15.99
8 lbs N/A $17.99
10 lbs $110.00 $19.99
15 lbs $102.50 $26.99
20 lbs $150.00 $31.99
Hydrostatic Testing $25.00 N/A
Some cylinders will need to be left overnight.
Out Of Date cylinders will need to be hydrostatic tested before they can be refilled.
Additional charge will apply.
Prices Subject to Change With No Notice
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